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Dragonstone (San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo)

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a small island that belongs Bermeo, Euskadi. On the top of this island, connected to the mainland by 241 steps, there is a church dedicated to Saint John. It dates from the 10th century but some other historians say it dates from the 9th century. It’s a protected biotope with another island in the proximity called Akatx Uhartea. This area extends from Bakio until cape Matxitxako, on Gulf of Biscay.

Gaztelugatxe has been a place for pirates, covens and legends. Therefore it’s not an unusual place to film Game of Thrones showing how Dragonstone looks like. Do not forget to ring the hermitage bell three times in order to attract good luck and chase away evil spirits.

Dragonstone (Itzurun, Zumaia)

When Daenerys makes landfall at Dragonstone for the first time in season 7, she does it on Itzurun Beach in Zumaia. There are few places in the world like this beach and that’s because of the flysch.

It was formed over a period of 100 million years. The collision between the Iberian and European tectonic plates exposed these sediments about 50 million years ago. The layers lean west to east and provide valuable information of the earth’s history between 100 and 50 million years ago.

King's Landing (La MUriola, Barrika)

Muriola Beach is located in a small village called Barrika just about 15 minutes from Bilbao. It’s a wild 600 metre long beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs. This beach portrayed King’s Landing in a scene where Davos picks up Gendry while Tyrion is in a secret meeting with Jaime.

This beach sometimes disappears with the tide and it’s usually visited by surfers. A the other side of this beach we can see another coastal village called Gorliz and one of its most emblematic buildings: the hospital.

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